Ready to use blogging to get more perfect customers and clients to your website?

If so, pull up a seat, because this is for you! 👇

The complete business blogging system [overwhelm-free, delivered in small bites and easy language] so you can create blogs that *really* work to bring more traffic to your website using my proven formula and flow.

If you're a product or service-based business owner and you find yourself saying, "I wish that blogging was quicker, easier and something I could see more success with" – This is for you!

😔NO MORE putting blogging off because you don’t know where to start


😔NO MORE sitting there for hours watching the cursor flash as you struggle with what to write


😔NO MORE spending hours creating content that gathers cobwebs instead of clicks


😔And so much more traffic-boosting blogging with SO MUCH CONFIDENCE AND CLARITY without having to sacrifice hours to be successful

It’s time to learn how to blog for your business, efficiently, effectively and enjoyably!

One-time payment only. 7 Day money back guarantee.

Let’s be honest…

It’s no secret that blogging can increase your income by bringing potential customers and clients to your website.

But even though you know how powerful blogging could be for your business, bringing benefits like:

😍Establishing your brand as the must-have product or service for your area or industry


😍More of your ideal customers and clients visiting your website without the expense of paid advertising


😍The ability to kickstart a zillion conversations that build community and a loyal following of your brand

You might be struggling with these things:

😟You feel overwhelmed at where to start
😟 Don’t see results – you spend hours writing a blog and no one sees it
😟You spend valuable time writing a blog, hoping that it will bring more visitors to your site, when you KNOW you need this time to work on other tasks or turn off the computer and live your life!

But with the right format and framework, all of this can change


What if there was a way to quickly and effectively write blogs for your business knowing that they are SEO optimised, interesting to your customer and set you apart from the competition, WITHOUT the confusion of going it alone?

I [Laura] get how much success blogging can bring to your life and business.
As someone who created a successful travel blog, [Passport Collective] I was able to develop a system that brought thousands of visitors to my site each week and had me writing for big brands like Rome2Rio and VroomVroomVroom.com.au.
And as I realised the power of blogging, I decided to transition over and do this for OTHER businesses and have seen results for them like:
👉Their blogs appear on page 1 of Google within days of publishing
👉A 50% increase in ranked keywords [meaning more visibility in more search results]
👉Over 34k impressions a month on a single blog on my own website
business blogging statistics

[That’s 650+ beautiful humans visiting my website each month from just ONE blog]

So one day when my osteo said to mid-treatment, ” I wish you could teach my staff to blog and get the results you do,” Business Blog in a Box was born!
It was then I realised I COULD teach other businesses how to blog
all through the steps I have crafted that are totally busy business owner friendly [which I have proven over and over again as a biz owner myself AND as a mum of 2 littles ones]

And now this system is all yours

This is an effective and overwhelm-free system that will have you going from:
Thinking blogs take too long [hint: they don’t], are too hard, and hiding blogging at the bottom of your ‘to do’ list
Consistently and confidently writing blogs that bring traffic to your website in just a few hours a month
I am so confident that this solution will help you, that if you DON’T love it, there is a 7-day money-back guarantee.

The complete business blogging system [overwhelm-free, delivered in small bites and easy language] so you can create blogs that *really* work to bring more traffic to your website using my proven formula and flow.

Through Business blog in a Box, you will have access to step-by-step guidance, a practical masterclass, 5 minute mini trainings and a proven methodology to write blogs for your business that bring customers to your website with ease.

👉The understanding of how to use keywords to write blogs your perfect clients and customers can’t wait to read


👉How to use SEO to optimise your blog so it shows up in search engines like Google


👉Everything you need to effectively and efficiently write a blog for your business in just a few hours a month


👉A practical resource that you can dive in and out of to support you on your blogging journey

Ready to gain immediate access to...

Keyword Research Masterclass, so you'll never be guessing about the topics you should blog about.

Learn how to research keywords like a pro which will have you blogging about topics that your perfect customers and clients are searching for and can’t wait to read.

This masterclass steps you through everything you need to do to select and refine keywords, so you can boost your SEO [that’s what will make you show up on Google] and start writing blogs about topics your perfect customers and clients ARE SEARCHING FOR right away.

Don’t spend another second guessing what people want to read about. This masterclass will tell you how to find out EXACTLY what they’re searching for.

Delivered in video format

Now you know what to write about combine this with my 3 step strategy, taught to you in the following lessons, that will have you writing high quality blogs that bring clients and customers to your website with SO MUCH EASE and clarity:

Let's Write

All the support you need to write your blog with confidence and ease.

I’ll show you to how to:

  • Structure your blog
  • Use keywords that get your blogs in front of your perfect customers’ and clients’ eyes
  • How to structure your writing so people stay on your site longer and read through to the end

No need to sit there with the cursor flashing. Because I’ll step you through exactly how to structure your thoughts so they flow with ease and are fully optimised for search engines.

Delivered in video and PDF format

Let's Publish

Everything you need to know to confidently publish an easy-to-read blog on your website.

You’ll be guided through:

  • How to use images for maximum impact
  • How to optimise URL
  • How to write title tags and meta descriptions that will get your perfect customers and clients clicking on your blog

No more hard-to-read, slow-to-load blogs that have people bouncing off to your competitor’s site – just easy-to-publish, enjoyable-to-read blogs that people can’t get enough of.

Delivered in PDF format

Let's Update

Updating your blog is the secret to keeping your content relevant and staying seen on search engines.

You’ll be guided through:

  • When to update your blog posts
  • How often to update your blog posts
  • How to update your blog so Google knows to keep showing your content to your ideal customers and clients

This important step is one many business bloggers don’t know about, giving you an unfair advantage over the rest.

Delivered in PDF format

And on top of having the complete strategy to get your business blogging sorted, you get these EXTRA bonuses to shortcut your writing even further

This blog writing template is just like what copywriters use – the only difference is this one is filled with handy prompts to support you with writing engaging, well-formatted blogs in much less time than if you were starting from scratch.

The result? You’ll have an expertly written blog that performs like it was written by a copywriter, but you and I will both know that you wrote it yourself [your secret is safe with me 😉].

It’s so useful, that you’ll come back to this essential template every time you write a new blog.

Delivered in Google Docs format

Bonus: Blog Writing Template to help speed up the writing process

Increase your click through rate with these attention-grabbing blog titles. Simply fill in the gaps so they suit your topic and keyword.

Best of all, they are categorised by the style of blog post [think list style blogs or how to blogs] so they’re also a great resource to help to jump start a few ideas – win win!

Delivered in PDF format

Bonus: 100 Attention-Grabbing Blog Titles

attention-grabbing blog titles


$27 USD!*

*Limited time offer of $27USD (One-Time Payment Only). Lifetime access. MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE

More leads from Google for this part time family photographer.


In this guide you’ll be stepped through the secret of using links to boost the visibility of your website and your blog as a whole.

Use this strategy to create a powerful web of content that serves people and has your blog continually bringing traffic to your website long after you hit publish.

Delivered in PDF format

Bonus: Learn how to use links to help your ideal customers and clients to consume your content and to keep them on your website [and in your world] even longer.

This sample blog provides an invaluable reference point of how a blog comes together from keyword research to publishing.

Write and format your blog efficiently and easily with this best practice sample blog to guide you.

Delivered in PDF format

Bonus: A sample blog that shows you EXACTLY how to bring all of your new knowledge together

You won’t miss a step with this easy-to-follow checklist. Keep a copy nearby and feel confident that your blog will include all of the elements needed to make it a success.

Delivered in PDF format

Bonus: Never miss a step with this comprehensive blogging checklist

Instant access to all of this for only

$27 USD!

Recap – You Get All of This:

  • A comprehensive masterclass that steps you through exactly how to select keywords for topics your ideal customer or client is ALREADY searching for and can’t wait to read about
  • Be stepped through exactly how to write blogs that get seen and engage your reader so you can spend less time at the computer and more time on your business
  • Bonus: Powerful linking guide that will encourage people to stay on your site for longer and get to know and love your business
  • Bonus: A best practice sample log so you can  write and format your blog with ease
  • Bonus: Publish your blog with confidence knowing that it includes everything required to get it seen by your perfect customers and clients
  • Bonus: Blog writing template so you can write blogs quicker and more easily than if you were to start with a blank page
  • Bonus: 100 fill in the gap attention-grabbing blog titles designed to get your ideal audience onto your website and reading your blog


$27 USD!*

*Limited time offer of $27USD (One-Time Payment Only). Lifetime access. MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE

Hi, I'm Laura,

A copywriter with 7+ years experience blogging. I paved the way as a travel blogger and then branched out to write for other business owners who wanted to seriously standout online – all whilst living the juggle of being a mum to two young boys myself.

All that writing has taught me a few things about what it takes to get your blog in front of your ideal audience, and how long it can take to get it right without the right strategy and support.

 After a heartfelt chat with my osteo about how she wished that her staff could write blogs between clients I had the realisation that there must be hundreds [if not thousands] of small business owners out there that could unlock the power of blogging for their business – but only if they could learn how to in a way that was overwhelm free and delivered in small bites and easy language. 

And so Business Blog in a Box was born.

I truly believe that every small business can unlock the power of blogging for their business in a way that they can afford and at anytime they need it – and this system does this for you.

I’d be honoured to help support you in your business blogging journey and can’t wait to see the difference this solution makes in your business.

– Laura

contact compass copywriting

And from one small biz owner to another – I know how to important it is for you get the BEST support in your business blogging journey.

That's why there is a RISK-FREE money-back guarantee. 😍

Happiness Guarantee!

This solution has been designed to give you the tools to create blogs that *really* work to bring more traffic to your website, quicker and more effectively than going it alone. 
I’ve used this method myself and for my copywriting clients, so it’s safe to say that I’m absolutely confident that it will work for a service or product based business owner like you. 

AND I want you to know that there is no risk of purchasing today.

If you don’t love Business Blog in a Box, you can request your money back within 7-days of your purchase – no questions asked.
This is how confident I am that this system will give you the tools you need to confidently and consistently blog for your business.

– Laura

Do you have questions about Business Blog in a Box? Here are some answers!

How long will I need to spend blogging each month?

With the strategy and guidance inside Business Blog in a Box, you’ll be ready to hit publish on each blog in just 2-3 hours a month – freeing you up to work on your business and engage with all of those incredible new clients making their way into your world.

Is this a live program?

This is a series of recordings and PDF documents that you can follow sequentially or dive in and out of as you need. It’s designed to be undertaken at your own pace, so you can fit it in around your otherwise busy schedule!

Will this work for my business type?

If you’re a consultant, service-basedservice based business owner or product-basedproduct based business owner this solution was designed for you!


The masterclasses and stepped-throughstepped through learning documents are created with the intent of getting you up and blogging for your business around your already busy schedule.


Here is list of just SOME of the business types this solution will work for:

  • Photographers
  • Online Stores
  • Coaches of any niche
  • Copywriters wanting to branch out into SEO copy
  • Course creators
  • Medical Professionals
  • Allied Health Providers
  • Hairdressers
  • Membership Owners
  • Virtual Assistants


This solution has not been designed to sell physical products, but it can be used to blog about complimentary topics such as how to use the product or other similar ideas.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes! I want you to be absolutely satisfied with your purchase of this (amazing) solution. If for any reason you aren’t, send me an email at laura@compasscopywriting.com within 7 days of your purchase and I’ll refund your money – no questions asked.


My question hasn't been answered

Send me an email at laura@compasscopywriting.com and I’ll get back to you! 

A last love note from me to you

If you’ve made it this far, it’s like you’re thinking it can’t be this easy but the secret is, there’s a formula to successfully blogging for your business – you’ve just got to unlock it.
Like you, I started out blogging from a place of confusion and overwhelm. I spent countless hours writing blogs that no one was ever going to read. It wasn’t until I got serious about SEO that the cloud of confusion blew away and I realised that having a systematic approach to blogging could save me time and bring my website more traffic than I’d ever imagined.
As a former teacher, I have spent years supporting others to learn. I understand how scary it can be to put yourself out there to learn something new, but in my heart of hearts, I know that you’ve got this – you just need someone on your side with the teaching and blogging experience to support you through.
It’s time to harness the power of blogging to get more perfect customers and clients to your website to increase your sales and grow your brand.

And if you do want a helping hand in writing more quickly and efficiently than if you were to go it alone, Business Blog in a Box is for you.

*Limited time offer of $27USD (One-Time Payment Only). Lifetime access. MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE