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20 Easy and Effective Small Business Blog Ideas (with examples and template)

A small business blog is an effective way to boost your SEO, communicate with your customers more regularly and share your industry knowledge. You might be the type who’s super organised and creates a quarterly schedule of small business blog ideas, but for most of us, there will come a time when inspiration is at a low and we suffer a little writer’s block.

Whether you’re looking to launch, revitalise or inject a little life into your business blog, here’s a list of easy-to-action post ideas for small business owners like you.

What Should A Business Blog Be About?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to business blog posts. If you’ve undertaken brand voice and values work, you can draw on this to set the tone. What works for one business may not be right for another; what you’re looking for is consistency.

Consistency comes about when you have a regular posting schedule and from posting content that resonates with your current and ideal clients. If you’re a brand that likes to shake the industry, then your content may be a little more opinion based and varied, but for most small businesses, the personality conveyed is a reflection of ourselves.

Small Business Blog Ideas

1. Share Success Stories

You may be a hairdresser who has performed a challenging colour correction, a builder who has constructed a dream home on a difficult block or a social media manager who has helped their client increase their online sales and engagement.

Highlight this success in a blog that outlines the problem, explains your expertise and then shares the incredible outcome. Not only will you have a customer that is thrilled with your service, but they also will love being showcased (get their permission first, of course) and are likely to share your post with their wider network.

Additionally, new customers get an insight into how you operate, your expertise and the service they could expect to receive if they book you.

2. Highlight An Initiative

Does your factory recycle scrap metal? Do you utilise an electric car? Initiatives show the values you and your business hold. Company initiatives could include:

  • Mental health and wellbeing programs you offer
  • Charities you support
  • Volunteer work
  • Recycling programs you participate in
  • Ways you reduce workplace waste
  • Swapping toxic chemicals to a greener option
  • Staff EAP program

Community involvement (ie. fairs, open days)

3. Spotlight Key People In Your Business

This topic shows that small business blog ideas can be generated by your staff. If they feel confident enough to write about themselves, then have staff write an introduction post outlining their experience and sharing a few personal insights. Otherwise, you can create a survey that staff fill out and then write a profile in the third person.

Spread the profiles out monthly or bi-monthly and promote them across your social channels for extra traction.

4. Share A Customer Story

Similar to success stories, this post idea is told from the perspective of your client. They may have come to you after an unsatisfactory outcome from another business, or they could have a complex problem that is challenging to solve. Customer stories share the dreams and desire that your customer has when they purchase your product or service.

This is one of the most powerful small business blog ideas, as you can highlight how you serve your customers and how you problem-solve or customise a solution. No matter if it’s hand delivering a cake to make it on time for the party or fabricating a custom machine part, the way you go over and above makes your business stand out from the pack.

5. Feature A Guest Post From An Industry Expert

Sharing knowledge from an industry expert is one of those small business blog ideas that positions you as someone who is solutions-oriented and potentially connects you to a new and established audience. An industry expert will look a little different depending on what your specific business is, but the idea is that they are someone who is established, successful and known for their skills.

Some examples:

  • Builder – Have a town planner write about considerations in the planning stage.
  • Metal fabricator – Invite a metallurgist to discuss a new metal coming into the market
  • Florist – Invite a grower to discuss flower care
  • Mechanic – Have a race car driver discuss their favourite car care products
  • Baker – Invite a sugar artist to share how cakes can be uplevelled with sugar art

Don’t Forget To Recycle

Make the most of your blog posts by repurposing them into other types of content. Think social media posts, podcast topics, infographics or Reels.

6. Myth Bust Your Industry Or Business

Silicone is good for smoothing hair. All babies must follow the eat, play, sleep routine. Whatever the commonly held belief is, this is the post where you mythbust it or add your own personal philosophy. Feel free to share personal experience and research that backs your stance.

Small business blog ideas like this can be controversial if they go against a commonly held belief, so you may also want to share customer success snippets or reviews to back up your stance. They can also be incredibly powerful as you can tap into people who are experiencing something that people aren’t talking about.

Consider utilising video or sharing this type of content to reels. Seeing someone deliver this type of content face-to-face is powerful.

7. Share An Industry Trend

If you’re in an industry where trends change regularly, or even year to year, this post idea will complement your marketing strategy. Consider writing a trend prediction post at the beginning of the year or even the season. Small business blog ideas like this can focus on micro-trends, such as cord jeans being back in for winter, or longer-term trends, such as solar initiatives in building.

If you’re partaking in these trends, consider creating a case study to support the post, so you can further share how you’re on board with this trend.

8. Provide After Care Tips And Tricks

Small business blog ideas that allow customers to get the most out of your product or service create a better customer experience and can also lead to aftercare sales. Some great examples are:

  • Ways to preserve your hair colour after visiting the salon
  • How to keep your outdoor pavers clean and the best products to use
  • Ways to wash a garment to prolong its life
  • Clever ways to store Christmas lights, so they remain untangled for next year
  • Aftercare steps for newly pierced ears

9. Create A Cheat Sheet

If you’re a small business that sells a product or teaches a skill, then a cheat sheet is a great way to connect with your customers. Some easy ideas are:

  • Photography store – Provide a cheat sheet for taking in-focus images
  • Recipe blog – Create a guide on converting cups to grams
  • Floristry class – Create a video on colour theory
  • Social media marketer – Publish a swipe file of caption lengths for each social media platform

10. Review A Non Competing Tool Or Product

Complimentary products or tools that enhance your offering are worth sharing. There are two perspectives you can take here.

  1. Mythbust. Give an honest review and dispel the hype about a product that, in your experience, doesn’t deliver the results that it promises. Your clients will love you for helping them avoid a dud.
  2. Share a product that enhances the product or service that you sell. This could be a complementary product, such as reviewing pool cleaning tools, aftercare products for wooden floors or a makeup artist whose style complements your hairdressing.

Work Smarter

Utilise content pillars across your social media channels to create content ideas that can be shared socially and expanded on in a blog post

11. Share A Business Update

Business blog ideas can come organically, especially if there’s something new happening within your business. It could be a big update such as moving address or renovating your premises. It could be a smaller update, like adding a new product line.

This blog content appeals to existing and potential customers who are looking to learn more about you.

12. List The Pros And Cons Of A Product Or Service You Sell

Not every product or service you sell is suitable for every client. As a business owner, clients want to be able to rely on you to give them solid advice and not sell them a product or service that doesn’t fit their needs. Small business blog ideas that build trust are powerful, as potential clients will feel at ease that the solutions you are providing them will truly fit their needs.

If you can, show comparisons of when your product is or isn’t suitable and provide options that show alternatives that you would use where a different solution is required.

13. Share Behind The Scenes

In many cases, small business blog ideas like this one work well in blog and social media formats. Consider sharing behind-the-scenes video or still footage on your social media and then expand on the idea in a blog. Behind the scenes posts could look at what goes on in an ordinary day or track you as you attend a special event or undertake an interesting project.

14. Explain Your Qualifications

Do you have a special skill or training that makes you stand out? A business blog post that shares this will help search engines rank you for this skill and build authority with your readers. Go beyond merely listing your skills and talk about the benefits each skill allows you to share with clients.

You may even like to highlight projects where this skill or qualification created an outstanding outcome for your client.

15. Repurpose A Social Media Post

Small business blog ideas that are based on the content you’ve already shared with success make perfect content. Lean into the topic and share more details, tips and tricks and then go back over to social media to let your followers know you’ve got more to share on the topic. You’ll boost both your blog and social media engagement

Do A Little Data Digging

If you’re on social media or review sites, these are a gold mine for customer feedback, pain points and interests. Go back and see what customers are asking about your product and then answer these questions in a blog.

16. FAQs

Have a question that gets asked over and over? A blog covering FAQs on a particular product or service is a great way to educate your customers. Use it as a reference to point customers to. It will save you time answering the same question over again and may even win over new customers who’ve bought the same product from a competitor.

17. New Product / Service Announcements

Have you updated your product or service listings? Now is the time to share. You may be adding to your offering, niching down or receiving new stock. Share the news, so clients know when and how to buy.

If you’re adding a new product or service, why not profile it in a secondary blog to increase interest?

18. Share Your Story

People love to hear more about the business owner, so it’s time to share yours. Most small business blog ideas in this list don’t get too personal, but this one gives you the chance to share more of your life inside and outside of the business.

Feel free to keep it professional, but if you’re willing to share a little more, I promise you’re customers will lap it up. Who knows, it may even help to form a common connection or interest that could be a talking point in the future.

19. Share A Little Thought Leadership

You don’t have to be an industry expert or business person to share thought leadership content. If you’ve observed trends, and have insight into new techniques or technology, then a blog is a great way to share them.

Most small business blog ideas shared here don’t lean into being groundbreaking or controversial, but thought leadership gives you the scope to do that. Share an unpopular or unique opinion and encourage others to comment and interact.

For better traction, share these types of posts on social media (add the link to your post). Provide a teaser of what you’ll talk about and craft a call to action that has people clicking through to read more.

20. Listicles

You’re reading one right now. Listicles are a popular blog format as they provide a wealth of information in a format that is easy to read. Share your top 5 tricks, products or insights and watch as readers click to learn more. Adding a number to a business blog post always works a little magic.


Feeling Confident About Your Business Blog Ideas?

Now is the time to write! Feel free to refer back to these easy business blog ideas to refresh yourself. And, if you need a little help using these great ideas in a business blog, download my free template below.

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