Homepage Housekeeping

Optimise your home page with a customised website copywriting service
that will get  your website seen by search engines and encourage more sales.

Your homepage is the heart of your website.
It's time to show it some love.

Want an optimised website but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you can’t quite point your finger at that particular something that makes your visitors bounce off your website and to your competitors.

Either way, the numbers aren’t stacking up and doing more of the same isn’t going to push the needle on your analytics and sales targets anytime soon.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. The beauty of my homepage housekeeping service is that it’s based on optimisation. We build on the foundation that you’ve already established – we make it even better.


So how do you know that your homepage is due for housekeeping?

Resonating? It’s time for a refresh.

Spring clean your homepage – and get ready for more visitors sales visibility

with my Homepage Housekeeping website copywriting service

Homepage Housekeeping

Homepage Optimisation
$ 595 starting from
  • Keyword and competitor research
  • Up to 600 words of SEO optimised copy
  • Optimised headings, title tags and meta description
  • Compelling call to actions and improved used experience
  • Personalised 60 minute optimisation consultation including session recording and action plan

"Add Your Heading Text Here"

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–Name, Business Name / Website

Ready To Connect With More Customers?

It all starts with three easy steps

Step :1: Orientate

During our consultation call, we’ll explore your project goals and workshop how copywriting, your messaging and a few design tweaks can elevate your homepage.

I’ll provide you with a screen recording of our session and an action plan to improve the user flow and layout of your site whilst I work on the SEO and words.

Step #2: Navigate

Our work together begins. I’ll undertake competitor and keyword research so we can better target your ideal customer and improve your search engine rankings.

I’ll also send your action plan to work on whilst I write your copy.

Step #3: Communicate

This is where the magic happens. First, I map out a plan of your copy and new homepage. This allows you the opportunity to provide feedback before the first full draft is written.

Chances are, you’ll love the first draft. However, if there are any changes or additional feedback, two rounds of complimentary edits are included.

I hand over your shiny new copy, you publish it on your newly optimised home page.

 And voila – let the conversations begin!

Feel like your business would boom if your website had more traction?

Harness the power of SEO to get seen and make sales.