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Socially savvy small business copywriter, content writer and social media marketer

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I'm excellent on ice

In 10 years as a competitive ice skater, I never missed a beat.

As one of a team of fifteen, I twizzled, twisted, turned and smiled with a grace that belied how hard my legs were working.

My three and a half minutes of sequin spangled glory were built on 5 am starts and countless hours of intense training.

Point of difference

I’ve excellent balance, impeccable timing and loads of endurance. I create effortlessly elegant, stylish copy underpinned by solid research and astute drafting. 

In short, I’ll never leave you or your brand skating on thin ice.

I'm all class

Teaching was my first career. Although I took time out to do other things (more on those in a minute), my love of making magic in the classroom always drew me back. 

Guiding twenty kids towards fulfilling their potential in a safe, fun, stimulating environment is a challenge and a privilege. 

Great teachers like great copywriters are ace communicators. We can simplify complex messages without losing a single nuance. We can mould a brainstormed scribble into a brilliant story. 

The eyes in the back of our heads help us stay across everything that matters.       

Point of difference

If you want your copywriter to be constantly creative, adaptive, data-driven and super organised, try one with teaching superpowers.   

Melbourne education writer
tradie copywriter

I love a backpack and a camera

I’m older than I look. And after around twenty years of global nomadism visiting, living, and working in some far-flung corners of the planet, I’m at home on the edge of my comfort zone.

Give me a backpack and a camera and watch me head for the horizon. Ignite my sense of adventure, and I’m pretty much unstoppable.

Point of difference

Work with a curious, adventure-prone copywriter with an eye for a great image and a knack for capturing the essence of your brand. 

I'm not afraid to muck in

I’ve had a job for as long as I can remember. And I’ve done loads of mad, memorable things, like moving a pool’s worth of pet fish from outback Queensland to the coast.

Besides managing tricky pet transport and spruiking show bags, I coordinated new store launches for iconic adventure gear suppliers Kathmandu while hitting the shop floor during peak sales periods. 

Point of difference

If you think it’s a great idea to hire a handy, adaptable copywriter who’ll jump aboard when you need ‘all hands on deck,’ you’re right. 

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Benefit from my wealth of experience and qualifications including:

  • Bachelor of Business / Tourism Management
  • Masters of Teaching
  • Build Blog Freedom SEO 
  • The Digital Picnic Linked In Strategy Masterclass
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