Are you looking for a content writer who's well researched, friendly and fast?

Content writing takes many shapes and forms. It could be a blog post to build authority within your industry or show notes to extend the reach of your podcast.

Great content writing has the power to build authority within your niche, provide opportunities for new customers to find you online and widen your reach.

Small business content writing needs to be accurate, engaging and fresh. For the best return on investment, it also needs to be able to be repurposed across multiple platforms.

Creating a steady flow of relevant and engaging content can seem overwhelming. You need a fast and friendly writer who can create fresh content that aligns with your business and can be used across your online and social platforms—someone with a knack for storytelling and an air of authority.

If you are looking for a small business content writer with the skill and social media savvy to build your brand, I am the content writer for you.

I’m a freelance content writer Melbourne small businesses can rely on. I’ll help you develop content ideas, then I’ll write engaging content that connects with your audience and is so very socially shareable.

Sound good?


Blog Posts

Connect with potential clients and build authority within your industry with well-researched blogs explicitly written with your target audience in mind.

social media content writing

Social Media Content Writing

Harness the power of social media. I can help you build a strong online presence with social media captions that are crafted with engagement and brand awareness in mind.

podcast show notes

Podcast Shownotes

Put your podcast into words and capture a whole new audience. I can help you to maximize your podcast’s reach with show notes and social snippets.

travel articles

Travel Writing

Blogs, articles and stories written with a sense of wonder and an honest authenticity. Let us highlight the wonder of your unique business or destination.

Melbourne content writer

I'm a content writer Melbourne small businesses can trust

Content writing can be a little like planning a holiday. First, you need to generate a list of ideas of where you would like to go.

Next, you’ve got to conduct a little research to make sure your destination is the right climate, within the budget and meets the family’s needs.

Once you have picked the perfect destination (and set your heart on that fancy hotel with the swim-up bar), it’s time to present your research to the family.

This is the part where having solid research is *really* important. You see, the family all have differing ideas about what makes a good holiday. Here’s where your authority as the well researched holiday planner comes into play. 

You can confidently answer their questions, provide them with clear and relevant information and maybe even throw in a few little extras to sweeten the deal. And, boom, they’re sold.

You see, just like planning a holiday, great content needs to suit your audience. The information being presented will help them to make a buying decision so, it also needs to be timely, up to date and accurate.

Purposeful content writing meets your current and potential customers’ needs. Whether that be someone who prefers to skim through podcast notes rather than listen or a homeowner who is looking for a tradesperson they can trust.

I can help you establish your online presence and message with clear, consistent content that serves your customer and is very socially shareable.


I’ve got a suitcase full of skills to get your business up, up and away.

SEO Website Copywriting

Help potential customers find you with SEO friendly website copywriting. I write web copy that pleases your customers and the search engines.

Email Campaigns

Pop into their inbox and their minds. We write clickable emails that stand out in an otherwise overcrowded inbox.

Social Media Management

Share a clear, consistent, engaging message with social media management. I’ll take care of the content, scheduling and strategy so you can focus on running your business.

Social Media Audits

Put your social media accounts to work. I’ll identify your strengths and opportunities then provide actionable  feedback on how to maximise your time and impact.