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The Mindful Mocktail

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The Mindful Mocktail is the ultimate resource for healthy mocktails.

The Mindful Mocktail was born from the desire to normalize having a good time without an alcoholic drink in hand.

Not drinking, certainly doesn’t mean opting for water or sugary soft drinks. Instead, Natalie creates or puts her own twist on classic and new mocktails. Her recipes are lower in sugar, make use of natural ingredients and suit all tastes.

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The brief:

Natalie from The Mindful Mocktail contacted me to write SEO optimised blogs for her mocktail website.

Natalie’s side gig of writing a healthy mocktail blog and sharing her recipes and sober lifestyle on social media soared to success much faster than she could have imagined. As a mum with two young boys, she needed the help of an SEO trained writer to transform her recipes into an SEO optimised blog and help her to build traffic to her website.

Our ongoing relationships sees Natalie testing and creating delicious mocktails in her kitchen, before sending them through to me. I undertake additional keyword research and then, utilising best practice, the recipes are formulated into an optimised blog which is then accompanied by moreish imagery that she shoots herself.

With seasonal recipes and brand collaborations filling her content schedule, many recipes have a tight turnaround and I’m happy to say that we’ve not missed a special date yet!

Watermelon Agua Fresca

This recipe ranks #3 on Google and was on the first page within days of being published.

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I highly recommend Laura for Google-friendly copy

It’s so refreshing to find a copywriter that not only produces excellent copy, but understands the intricacies of SEO and is able to write Google friendly articles that rank quickly. The first article Laura wrote for me was ranking in position #7 within 10 days for a competitive keyword!

–Natalie Battaglia / mindfulmocktail.com

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