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The 11 Key Benefits of Hiring a Copywriter

Building a strong brand with a successful marketing strategy is key to small business success. There are many aspects to consider, such as a website, visual elements, social media and the small touches like email personalisation and the thank you notes you pop in your parcels. In an environment where business owners are required to wear many hats, what are the benefits of hiring a copywriter for your business?

Whether you’re good with words or find it a chore, a great copywriter could just be your small business bestie. From content creation to search engine optimisation, the right copywriter knows how to use words and technology to get your message to the right people at the right time.

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting is one of the most critical elements of your marketing strategy. It’s often interchanged with the term content writing, and in this article, I’ll talk about both.

The written or spoken words used in your marketing and even your everyday business communication with your customers can involve copywriting.. When done well, it is aligned to your brand’s voice and builds connection with your customers. Sometimes it’s about sales, but often it’s relational and educational.

Why Do Businesses Need Copywriters?

Whether you’re a whiz with words, need a little nudge or struggle with what to say, a freelance copywriter is a perfect way to free up time and alleviate stress. Business owners are often needed to wear many hats, and whilst engaging in a copywriting service can feel like an extravagance, in reality, it frees you up to get back to doing what you do best – running your business.

Need a little more convincing? Here are 11 key benefits of hiring a copywriter for your business.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Copywriter

1. To Save You Time

Unless you’re a copywriter, chances are you didn’t start your business for the love of writing content and copy. A professional copywriter knows the right questions to ask to obtain a detailed brief and can then work collaboratively to craft your message.

Delegating your small business copywriting will allow you to spend your precious time completing the business tasks that you’re good at, enjoy and make you money. Working with a small business copywriter in a collaborative way means that you can still be involved in copywriting process without all of the hours stuck behind a keyboard.

2. To Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

As a business owner, your website is one of your most powerful assets. It gives you the ability to reach a wide range of people and tap into markets well beyond your local reach. Website visitors have lots of choice, so they have high expectations. Before you can meet those expectations, your website needs to be found through a search engine.

An SEO-trained copywriter can write quality SEO-friendly content, including keywords, headlines, blog posts, and web pages to help your website be seen.

3. To Consistently Deliver Fresh Content

They say content is king, and the reality is, if you’re not regularly communicating with your customers (and prospective customers), they’re likely to forget you (ouch). Fresh content is also valued by Google and will work to support your SEO strategy.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a copywriter is that you can keep on top of your social media, website content or email list without adding to your head count. A freelancer will work with you to deliver expertly written copy right to your inbox and all you need to do is copy and paste.

4. To Capture Your Tone of Voice

A copywriter knows and understands tone of voice. Whether your business communicates in a way that is friendly, sassy or formal, a copywriter can replicate this tone across multiple pieces of content and platforms. Consumers like familiarity, and the way you speak to your customers is integral to your branding.

So, whilst it might seem tempting to do it yourself, first consider this. Does my brand speak the same way I do, and can I effectively communicate as my brand instead of myself? If you’ve got a team of staff, one of the benefits of hiring a copywriter is having them write a tone of voice guide for you. That way, when your staff interact with customers, their communication stays on brand too.

5. To Reduce Your Content Marketing Workload

Creating regular and consistent social media content can be a challenge for small business owners. Developing the ideas, writing the copy and then creating the content is time-consuming. One of the benefits of hiring a copywriter is that they can work with you to brainstorm a bank of ideas and then write a series of posts that you can then schedule for weeks or months in advance.

Some copywriters may specialise in social media and can also help you develop ideas for content pillars which is a helpful strategy to further reduce your workload.

6. To More Regularly Communicate With Your Clients

If a social media platform were to just up and disappear tomorrow (think MySpace, Google+), what would you do? The answer – is panic! Unless you’re sending out communication via post, email marketing is a way of communicating with our customers that doesn’t rely on the fickleness of algorithms or social media platforms continuing to operate.

One of the benefits of hiring a copywriter is that they can write automated email sequences that help you communicate with your customers or potential customers without you having to copy and paste. Whether it’s a welcome sequence, an abandoned cart reminder or a launch. Copywriters can support you to create a series of email sequences that you can put to work in your business.

Now don’t get us wrong, professional doesn’t always mean serious, but there are certainly protocols and styling that are best to follow. Whether you need support with a formal document or would like your ideas polished into clear communication, one of the benefits of hiring a copywriter is that they’re experts in writing many types of copy.

Some copywriters specialise in particular areas of writing, such as blogs, social media or case studies. Others bring practical experience into fields such as medical writing, and last, of all, generalists can apply their skills to many areas of copywriting.

8. To Get Fresh Eyes on Your Industry

There’s nothing like fresh eyes to communicate your message in new and compelling ways. The benefits of hiring a copywriter extend beyond the written word. As a freelancer, they have experience working with different businesses across a variety of industries and bring a wealth of knowledge and learnings with them.

A good copywriter most certainly won’t hit copy and paste. They will take their experience and way with the written word to meld your ideas into fresh and exciting copy that you may previously not have considered.

9. To Better Focus on Your Audience

As small business owners, we can become focussed on the benefits our product or service offers. Rather than the hard sell, what customers want is their pain points and needs to be met. Business owners can reap the benefits of hiring a copywriter to hone in on their customers’ needs and wants. As freelancers, they’re not emotionally invested in the business and have the clarity to write copy that speaks to the target audience rather than owner bias.

10. To Save Money

Businesses that aren’t ready to employ a permanent staff member can unlock the benefits of hiring a copywriter who works on a freelance basis. Yes, their hourly or project fee may be more than you’d pay a staff member, but when you consider sick leave, holiday pay and the volume of work you have to offer, a freelancer is often the most cost-effective choice.

11. To Write Persuasive and Convincing Copy

Sales isn’t a dirty word and one of the benefits of hiring a copywriter, especially one skilled in conversion copy, is they know how to sell without being ‘salesy’. The reality is people want to buy things. They also want connection and to build trust. A professional copywriter has the skills to create consumer-centric copy that targets the needs of the audience and ultimately convert.


Reasons To Hire A Copywriter

Whether your business is in its infancy, you’re ready to move on from the DIY copy you did to launch, or you’re looking to rebrand, a copywriter is a great investment. The benefits of hiring a copywriter span further than the words on a written page. In fact, quite often, their work forms an important pillar in your marketing strategy as a whole, so should the real question be – can I afford not to hire a copywriter?

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