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Are you looking for a freelance social media marketer to set you on the course for social media success?

Utilise the power of social media to engage your customers and build a community of brand devotees. Social media has the incredible power to inspire genuine connection, brand awareness (and sales). The only question to ask is, are you ready to unlock the potential? 



Social media marketing can seem a little mystical at times. There are so.many.platforms and so many rules. Not the mention the *algorithms* [ugh, the algorithms].

Social media is a powerful medium for small businesses harness. And, when utilised effectively, can reach a greater audience than a traditional shop front ever could.

So, how do you work out which platforms to be one, what to post, when to post and how to find the time to create all of that content?

First you breathe. Then you send me a message and I’ll help demystify social media a little. We’ll work together to create a strategy where either I can take the reigns, or provide support for you to manage your social media yourself.

Looking for effective social media marketing Melbourne small businesses [and beyond] can rely on?

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social media management melbourne

Social Media Management

Share a clear, consistent, engaging message with social media management. I’ll take care of the content, scheduling and strategy so you can focus on running your business.

social media marketing strategy

Social Media
Marketing Strategy

Harness the power of social media. build a strong online presence with social media captions that are crafted with engagement and brand awareness in mind.

social media audit

Social Media Audits

Put your social media accounts to work with a social media audit. I’ll identify your strengths and opportunities then provide lots of feedback and strategy on how to maximise your time and online impact.

hashtag strategy

Hashtag Strategy

Blogs, articles and stories written with a sense of wonder and an honest authenticity. Let us highlight your unique business or destination.

Social media marketing services Melbourne small businesses can rely on

Think of social media like your neighbourhood. You want to be that person who knows the neighbours, and you want them to know you too.

It could be a wave hello on the way to work. It could be that you bring their bins in when they’re away. It’s warm; it’s fuzzy; it’s friendly and reliable.

The neighbours want consistency. They like to know that you put the bins out at 6 pm on a Wednesday, so they can pop over and borrow a cup of sugar.

They also notice if you’ve gone away for a week and keep an eye on the house for you. But, if you go away too often and don’t make time for that regular connection, they start to forget about you a little.

After a while, they think about you a less often, and it might even take a few seconds for your name to come to mind.

Social media is much the same. Your followers like to know what to expect from you. They want you to post regularly, consistently and to engage with them.

Want to establish a consistent and manageable schedule and strategy so you can make the most of your online connections?

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It all starts with three easy steps


During our discovery call, we’ll explore your project goals and discuss how you’d like to use social media to elevate your business.

I’ll map out a strategy and provide a tailored quote and approach.


Our work together begins. I’ll get to know more about you, your business, your customers and industry.

We’ll spend time to discuss your project in depth. You will be given the opportunity to provide written and visual ideas and inspiration before the strategy and content writing begins.

You can also expect competitor research and guidance on best practice during this stage to ensure your project is delivered with finesse.



This is where the magic happens. First, I map out your social media strategy. This includes elements such as best platforms to use, posting time and frequency.

If I’m also writing content for you, we’ll go through the draft, review and revision process to ensure your copy is spot on.

I hand over your shiny new copy and you publish it, or I take the reigns and schedule it for you. 

And voila – let the conversations begin!


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